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Martin Budd N.D, M.R.N

Registered Naturopathic Consultant

Martin Budd graduated as a Registered Naturopath in 1963 after 4 years’ study.

He practised for some years in Essex and Cheshire and in the early 1970’s he became a Director of the Basingstoke Clinic. This was a multi-therapy facility set up with a laboratory and an X-Ray unit, to offer diagnostic services to patients and practitioners.

It was during this time that Martin Budd developed a special interest in blood sugar disorders and fatigue. This culminated in his first book “Low Blood Sugar” published in 1981. This was followed by books on diabetes, migraine, hypothyroidism, fatigue and obesity. He also co-authored several recipe books with his wife Maggie Budd.

The books have been variously printed in Spanish, Russian, Italian, Greek, French, Portuguese, Danish, Hungarian and Hebrew. Australian, South African and American editions have also been published.

Some of these books (published by Harper Collins and Hammersmith Medical) are now out of print or reprinting. However, copies of all the books can be found via the internet from

With the publication of these books and his lecturing, Martin Budd has become an authority on the diagnosis and treatment of blood sugar disorders, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, overweight, stress and allied health problems.

Patients travel from many parts of the United Kingdom and Europe to his practice in Bournemouth, Dorset.