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"Naturopathy is a system of medicine which seeks to facilitate and promote the bodies inherent self-healing mechanisms. The procedures of naturopathic medicine may range over a wide spectrum of modalities which are always non-toxic and non-suppressive and which are based on nutrition and dietetics, structural readjustment and physical therapies and psychological counselling."

          Roger Newman Turner – “Naturopathic Medicine”  

"Basically, disease is thought by naturopaths to have one major cause-the breakdown of the body’s normal balance.

The particular type of illness a person suffers may be the result of various bacteria, viruses, allergies or other outside factors. But these are held to be of secondary importance to the patient’s weakness and lack of resistance

Naturopathic diagnosis is more concerned with establishing why your health has broken down than with putting a name to the illness"

       “Alternative Medicine” – Readers Digest 

"Mainstream medicine diagnoses and treats diseases, Naturopathy diagnoses and treats people. "