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 Other books by Martin Budd

 Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycaemia)
 ISBN 0722531192
 A detailed but easy to read description of the causes, symptoms and treatment of this common problem. The contents also include a history of sugar use, many case histories and the health problems that are influenced by hypoglycaemia. These include asthma, rheumatism, diabetes, alcoholism, epilepsy, obesity, M.E. and chronic fatigue
 Treatment procedures are discussed in detail including mineral, vitamin and glandular supplements, also an in depth review of appropriate diets, including the special dietary requirements for vegans and vegetarians. This popular book is now in its tenth impression following its initial publication in 1981.

 Recipes for Health ? Low Blood Sugar
 ISBN 0722529139
 This companion book to ?Low Blood Sugar? was co-written with Maggie Budd. It includes detailed meal plans for low blood sugar treatment. Including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, sandwiches and advice on cooking methods and food variety.
 Healthy protein drinks are discussed in detail and a useful glycaemic index is included. The book was written as a result of many requests from low blood sugar sufferers.

 Diets to Help Diabetes
 ISBN 0722529333
 After 17 years in print this helpful book continues to sell. Now in its third impression, it offers a comprehensive review of current diets for diabetes, including diets for juveniles, insulin dependents and late onset diabetics. Supplements of value are described in detail and such topics as exercise, smoking, alcohol, coffee and alternative sugars and fibre are also discussed in relation to the diabetic?s special needs.

 Diets to Help Migraine
 ISBN 0722533268
 This book discusses the many causes of migraine. These include low blood sugar, food triggers and allergies and the adrenal and steroid links. Food families and treatment procedures are discussed in detail.
 For female migraine sufferers, the female hormone triggers are outlined and treatment procedures offered.

 Why Am I So Tired? ? Is your thyroid making you ill?
 ISBN 0722539428
 Published in March 2000, this book discusses the many symptoms caused by mild hypothyroidism. These include fatigue, overweight, muscle and joint pain, poor circulation and body coldness, skin and hair problems, low sex drive and mental fogginess.
 Readers are encouraged to self diagnose with the help of a questionnaire and temperature checks The many causes of this often missed health problem are also covered and medical and alternative testing and treatment is outlined in detail.
 Any one who is exhausted without knowing the reason should read this book.

?Why Can?t I Lose Weight??
ISBN 0712065
 This book published in 2002 looks at the health problems that can cause excessive weight.
 Chapters include the role of sugar and fats, fluid retention, candidiasis, food allergies, food enzymes, hormones, drug side effects and the thyroid gland. Overweight children and the role of exercise are discussed.
 This book should be read by those who follow diets and exercise but fail to lose weight.
?Why Can?t I Lose Weight?? contains case studies and questionnaires to help you establish if your weight gain is a symptom of a health disorder.
 Associated symptoms include chronic fatigue, digestive symptoms, poor stress-handling, depression, mood swings, low sex drive and joint and muscle pain.

 Eat To Beat Low Blood Sugar
 ISBN 0714788
 This book written with Maggie Budd and published in 2003 provides a comprehensive nutritional plan to help you beat low blood sugar naturally.
 The causes and symptoms of low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) are clearly explained. The role of the adrenal glands and the thyroid are discussed in detail. The concept of insulin resistance and syndrome X are explained and reviewed.
 Maggie Budd provides a simple nutritional plan with 60 recipes outlined.
 Case histories illustrate the causes, symptoms and treatment for low blood sugar.
 Specific dietary supplements are outlined and discussed in detail.

 Some of these books are now unfortunately out of print, however, copies of all the books (new and second-hand) can be found via the internet from www.amazon.co.uk
"Why Am I So Exhausted ? "
ISBN - 978-1-78161-023-7
This book,published in 2013 is based on Martin Budd's 40+ years of successfully treating
patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Defines CFS broadly and simply as long-term unexplained fatigue rather than worrying
about exact labels.

Based on naturopathic principles:
Diagnosis and treatment must take into account all aspects of the individual sufferer.

In particular,blood test results should be interpreted in the light of the individual's
symptons and history.

Where possible,treatment should be based on diet and nutritional supplements.
Explains that chronic fatigue is very rarely caused by a single disease,but by several,
generally interrelated health problems.

Shows how the multiple causes can be identified and treated.

Describes how the physical effects of long-term stress can lead to health problems
and how this can result in sufferer's symptons being interpreted as 'all in the mind'.

Includes detailed patient case histories that show how complex chronic fatigue
syndrome can be.